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Unlock the Meanings of the Tarot

Updated: Feb 21

Unlock the Meanings of the Tarot

Tarot can be a beautiful place to tap into your inner wisdom. I've come to appreciate how tarot combines the practices of self-inquiry and reframing, essential elements for personal and spiritual growth. Engaging with tarot allows me to delve into meaningful introspection, pose thought-provoking questions and tap into my intuition. The process of pulling cards and exploring their relevance to my life opens doors to new perspectives and often leads to eye-opening "aha" moments that profoundly impact me.

One aha moment can change your life!

When I conduct readings for myself, I have the opportunity to potentially create incredible shifts in my life. When I do readings for others, I have the privilege of serving as a potential catalyst for their self-awareness and personal transformation.

However, learning tarot took some trial and error. I found what helped me the most on my tarot learning journey was assigning keywords to each card. I had a hard time learning Tarot without them. It felt very overwhelming and I didn’t know where to begin. Labeling my deck with keywords gave me the time to sit down with each card and begin to develop an understanding of them. It gave me a base to start with when I began doing readings.

I’ve broken down how to assign keywords to your cards in two easy steps:

Pick a deck that is easy to learn on

I recommend choosing a deck in which the Minor Arcana cards have a picture on them so you can see a visualization of the card to associate the meaning with. Two of my favorites are the Rider Tarot Deck and the Light Seers Deck.

Finding your tarot meanings (keywords)

I recommend 2 different ways. The first way is using an ultra fine permanent marker and writing directly on your cards. If you have margins to write in, you can cut the margins off at a later date when you feel really comfortable with your cards. The second way is to use washi tape. You can peel it off at a later date easily with no damage to the cards. I used washi tape and personally, I have never wanted to take my keywords off my cards. In fact, when reading for someone in person, my clients love to be able to see them. It helps them understand their reading better and demystify the art of Tarot to some degree.

Now…how do you know what keywords to use? There are several options. I have FREE, printable Tarot Flashcards available for you >here<. There are about 5-7 keywords for each card and I recommend you can select 1-2 keywords that resonate the most with you.

Another, more impactful way is through >joining the High Priestess Tarot School!< By becoming a member, you will gain access to the module “All 78 Card Meanings''. This module contains each keyword I use for every card of Tarot. The videos in this module explain the core meaning of each card, my keyword and why I chose it, and a few alternate keywords. In the High Priestess Tarot School you'll also get access to a growing community of others learning to read tarot!

In the “Building Your Relationship with Your Cards” module, you’ll discover another valuable tool for creating keywords: the Tarot Reflections Journal. This journal is specifically designed to support your journey with the Tarot deck. It features all 78 cards, each presented on its own page with essential information about the card itself. Additionally, you’ll find a designated space to jot down the keyword that resonates with you for each card. Alongside the keyword, there are journal questions that will help you deepen your connection with both the card and your chosen keyword.

Tarot, Tarot Journal, Tarot Meanings
High Priestess Tarot School Portal

If you’re not a High Priestess Tarot School member, you can get the Tarot Reflections Journal for just $9!

In conclusion, tarot offers a profound path to tap into your inner wisdom and facilitate personal and spiritual growth. Embracing this transformative journey calls for placing trust in your intuition and allowing tarot to shed light on your path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. The incorporation of keywords will enhance your understanding, intuition, and ability to interpret the cards.

Remember, the magic of tarot lies within you.



PS I created a video all about tarot meanings with a demo for interpreting your cards after you've assigned the keywords. You can find it here.

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