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Finding Joy and Confidence in Your Tarot Journey

Updated: Feb 20

Finding Joy and Confidence in Your Tarot Journey 

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Hello tarot friends!

Today, I want to share my number one tip for learning tarot. This is the number one thing that helped me to learn tarot fast, and also led to me sharing tarot with my community, and starting the tarot school! Here's the secret - tarot is not about right or wrong; it's about the journey, the joy, and the discovery of oneself in the cards.

Embrace the Beginner's Mind

The beginner's mind, or 'Shoshin,' is a concept I adore. It's about approaching tarot with a fresh, open mind, free from the burden of being an expert. Remember, each card you turn over is a new story waiting to be told, a new lesson waiting to be learned. A simple exercise I recommend is the daily one-card reading. Ask a question, draw a card, and let your intuition guide you. There's no pressure to be perfect, just a wonderful opportunity to explore.

Connect with the Cards Personally

Tarot is a deeply personal journey. Each card in the deck holds so much symbolism, and connecting with these symbols can make your readings more intuitive and more fun! 

The card I pulled for the Sacred Vision Intensive - a 4 week Business Accelerator that I’m hosting right now is The Moon.

To me, it speaks of intuition and the unseen journey – a reminder that not all is as it seems. To me it represented the spiritual business owners in the group finding clarity where there was darkness and ability to see the path ahead of them.  

Find a card that resonates with you, explore its story and let that connection deepen your readings.

Learning is a Journey, Not a Destination

When it comes to tarot, there's always something new to discover. Each reading is a step on a lifelong path of learning and growth. I encourage you to keep a tarot journal. It's not just a record of your readings; it's a map of your journey, showing how far you've come. Looking back at MY early entries, I'm reminded of how each step, each misinterpretation, was a vital part of my tarot journey.

Don’t forget that your journey with tarot is unique and beautiful. There's joy in every card, insight in every reading, and a world of possibilities in your hands. Don't be too hard on yourself; enjoy the process, laugh at the surprises, and treasure each moment of discovery. I believe in you and your path with the tarot. 

Share your stories, your favorite cards, and your own tips below – let's continue this magical journey together, with open hearts and open minds.

Check out our Tarot Reflections Journal - Your path to deeper connection with your cards!

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