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3 things you need to learn tarot

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

3 things you need to learn tarot

3 things you need to learn tarot

If you’re new to the world of Tarot, you may be wondering where to begin. With so many different cards and meanings to learn, it can be overwhelming to dive in without a clear direction. However, with guidance and practice, anyone can learn tarot and step into their magic! In this blog post, we’ll explore the three essentials you need to learn tarot, whether you are brand new to tarot or you’re looking to deepen your understanding of it.

1. A study deck. Pick a deck that you love and can bond with as you begin getting familiarized with the card meanings. Pick a keyword for each card that makes the most sense to you. Write your keyword on your deck or write it on washi tape and stick it on your card. Put your keyword in a spot that will stand out to you.

2. The right mindset. Having the right mindset is essential to learning tarot!

What are your current expectations for yourself? You might get in your own way because you expect to know everything right away before you even start. You may even expect to know all the meanings perfectly. Let go of perfectionism, have an open mind, and allow yourself to learn and grow on this journey.

3. The right method and support. When I was brand new to tarot, trying to memorize and figure out how to do it without a step-by-step plan and community support was challenging. In the High Priestess Tarot School, I teach my students to start by exploring their relationship with the tarot cards. Choose a card, connect with it, and reflect on what it means to you.

When I was learning I thought that I needed to know all of the FULL meanings right away, and would end up confused after looking at multiple guidebooks and seeing different meanings. It was so overwhelming!

While Tarot does have a book meaning that is generally accepted universally, it’s all about what that card means to YOU. In invite you to connect with what each card means to you. For example, I associate The Fool card with new beginnings and risk, but it might mean something different for you. What does this energy feel like to you? As you move forward, your relationships with your cards will deepen and broaden.

In addition, having somebody to help you troubleshoot when you need support is really helpful. We do this several times a week in the Tarot Practice Academy where I offer LIVE Zoom calls where we practice tarot together in a safe space.

Learning tarot can be a rich and rewarding experience for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to develop their skills. By starting with a study deck, adopting the right mindset, and finding the right method and support, you can build a strong foundation for your Tarot practice. Remember to let go of perfectionism and trust in your own intuition as you explore the meanings and energies of each card. With practice and patience, you can discover the transformative power of tarot and step into your own magic. ✨

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